Women : The colors of my life

Of many things that God gave the humans, two are very precious, one is woman and the other is color! You combine them and that makes colorful women. And sans the colorful women, the planet would have been a boring place! And, thank you God!

There are four women in my life and don’t tell me, that is too much! They are my mother, wife, daughter and granddaughter respectively. See, I am a blessed man!

In those days without phone, radio, TV, computer, internet and mobile phones, my teacher mother was my doctor, my counselor, my mentor, my google and my anchor. I had never stopped asking questions- for she says, I did start speaking from my 11th month onwards – and she was never tired to answer and even now, I continue the habit, making my daughter crib, saying, “dad you ask too many questions!” My mother was a formidable woman, never accepting no for an answer, always progressive in mind and hardworking; living for her own children. Without her, I would have been a  nobody, for sure.

I almost hit thirty years for the second woman to come to my life. Strong in mind but patient, high on values, generally shy but demanding equal footing, I learnt to respect individuals from her and she was the world’s best mother to my children, she more than made up my absence due to business and travels.

Result, we have two brilliant well behaved progeny, one so good in teaching and the other doing exemplary science research. Also, in the tough times of my business, she was the solid rock behind me and with other, I would have withered.

Like any father, my daughter was the apple of my eye. I never wanted to see her cry (though she had cried a lot, on several occasions, many times, genuinely). Chirpy, talkative but wanting her own space, she taught me never to compare children and make judgements. On her times, even today, she brings down the home with her laughter. She did imbibe my love for letters and I am waiting her to blossom into an exceptional writer.

And there comes the granddaughter, only four years old, calls me “appu”, but she needs two people to manage her. Bundle of energy, gyrating to music at times or wanting to do her own selfies, never do you see her at rest. I consider that as the manifestation of Gen-I behaviour and I am sure, future will move fast through their hands in a multitasking manner!

“I must admit again, what a dreadful way man would have lived, but for the lovely ladies around…..”



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