World Music Day – Let’s Take A Look At 5 Emerging Indian Female Musicians 

Indian Female Musicians

A world without music would be blunt, without any meaning. The melodious touch of music often brings us pleasure, it helps us to connect with ourselves and heal. Therefore, to honour this art, every year on the 21st of June World Music Day is celebrated to motivate budding, young musicians to showcase their art before the world and support the love of music across the globe. 

There’s no secret that India is diversely rich when it comes to music. This country is home to numerous famous singers who helped in shaping the music industry both inside the country and internationally. With the passage of time, the Indian audience has grown to like music made by independent artists more rather than music produced by commercial record labels. 

In this world music day, let’s take a look at 5 emerging female musicians who are being adored by the audiences:

1.Meera Shenoy

This twenty-something Pune based singer is known for her melodious voice and excellent songwriting skills. Attracted by the fluidity of jazz and the paradoxical eloquence of its sound, her music comprises majorly jazz, blues and folk. 

2. Saachi

Mumbai based pop artist Saachi has been steadily growing as a songwriter with each new release. With a number of singles as well as her 2018 three-track EP Clarity under her belt, the musician has been coming up with new music every year and not to mention, thriving in this industry as well.

3. Kayan

‘Cool Kids’ singer-songwriter Ambika Nayak AKA Kayan is a true-blue breakout star during the pandemic. Her music genre follows a rather unique recipe, consisting of rock, jazz, rhythm and blues, Kayan is now truly established as one of Indian social media’s most coveted artists. 

4. Zoe Siddharth

One of the finalists on The Stage 3, Zoe Siddharth’s music is quite versatile as she likes to experiment with Pop to R&B and Indie music. 

5. Tribe Mama Marykali

Tribe Mama Marykali aka Anna Katharina Valayil was born in Kerala, India and grew up in Nigeria with a multicultural background. She uses her distinctive skills as a Singer-Songwriter to express herself through music blending genres of Alternate Pop, Alternate R&B, Afro, and Neo folk music.

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