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Fly High Women: Special Edition 

Honoring Remarkable Women Achievers Across Diverse Fields

About the Book 

Step into the world of our upcoming special edition book, where we uncover the incredible stories of women who have conquered diverse fields. Whether it’s in the realms of science, arts, business, or sports, this book is a tribute to their triumphs, a reflection of their strength, and a wellspring of inspiration for the generations that follow.

Nominate A Women Achiever

We invite you to nominate deserving women who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Your nomination can bring their stories to a wider audience and inspire others. Check out the details below to submit your nomination.

Nomination guidelines

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By pre-ordering, you not only secure your copy of this extraordinary collection but also support our initiative to celebrate and amplify the voices of women achievers. Your pre-order helps us make this special edition book even more impactful.

A good choice for Business Presents

Consider “Fly High Women” for corporate gifts. It celebrates women’s strength and success, providing straightforward inspiration. Perfect for recognizing and empowering your women team. For bulk orders and customization, contact us at  [email protected]. Make a direct impact with a gift that resonates.

Fly High Women - Buy One, Gift One

For every copy of this special edition book sold, an equal number of books will be gifted to the libraries of government schools across India. Join us in our cause to promote education and empower young minds with the stories of these incredible women achievers.