Fly High Women: Special Edition 

Honoring Remarkable Women Achievers Across Diverse Fields

About the Book 

“Fly High Women” is the very first special edition book by SheSight, launched on March 8th, in honor of International Women’s Day. This isn’t just another book; it’s a powerful journey through the lives of extraordinary women from every sphere of life. The book is packed with inspiring quotes and stories from successful women, offering a mix of advice and encouragement. Whether you are looking for a little motivation or some serious guidance, “Fly High Women” has something to help you reach for the stars.

About the Authors

The Notable Contributors to “Fly High Women”:

Dr. Yukio Kamino is a Japanese male feminist and former Chief Facilitator for the UN’s education initiative. He advocates for female empowerment, contributing to “Fly High Women” after collaborating with SheSight Magazine.

Dr. Chandra Vadhana R., also known as Dr. CeeVee, Managing Editor of SheSight, is a distinguished entrepreneur and academic, focusing on women’s empowerment and social entrepreneurship. She’s contributed significantly to “Fly High Women.”

Neha Srivastava is the Editor-in-Chief of SheSight, with a background in corporate training and a passion for amplifying women’s voices in media, playing a pivotal role in the SheSight platform and its publications.

Fly High Women – Buy One, Gift One

Inside “Fly High Women”? – A Short Glimpse

Part One: Innovators
Dr. Chandra Vadhana R., CEO of SheSight, introduces us to women who’ve changed the game with their new ideas and inventions. From past pioneers to future leaders, this section celebrates women who’ve made big waves in Science and Technology.

Part Two: Change Makers
Dr. Yukio Kamino takes us through how women can make a huge impact worldwide if they are at the helm of affairs. This part is all about the power of women leading the way and shaking up the usual ways things are done.

Part Three: Stories of Grit
Read about fifty amazing women who have faced tough challenges head-on. Whether it’s in their careers or personal lives, these women show what it means to keep pushing and never give up.

Part Four: Empowerment Tips
Neha Srivastava, Editor-in-Chief of SheSight, offers practical advice on how to handle life’s tough spots and move forward in your career. This section is filled with helpful tips to boost your confidence and help you achieve your goals.