This woman took a ₹30 lakh loan to give salary hikes to employees during Covid

A woman took a ₹30 lakh loan to give salary hikes to employees during Covid.

Mandeep Kaur Tangra set up an IT company, SimbaQuartz in her village with a ₹2 crore turnover. But hailing from Tangra, a small village in Punjab, this philanthropist had plenty to overcome. “My father realized that the only way to change our situation was to educate his children. So, I put my heart and soul into it. “- she said.

Bet she did – aced high school, got into a college on scholarship, and also landed good jobs. Later, she got hired as a marketer at Prima Gold, which helped her hone her skills in marketing and closing big deals.

In 2013, she co-founded SimbaQuartz with her husband. She employed locals from her village besides the IIT/IIM folks to support the local economy and provide opportunities to the young thus impacting their lives in a positive way.

During the pandemic, when a lot of companies in a bad state were laying off employees, Mandeep took out a ₹30 lakh loan to cover her staff’s increased salaries. This showed her dedication to her team and the values that mattered to her.

For her, it wasn’t just about making money; it was about making a difference in people’s lives.

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