10 ways to make money from your Hobby

“Happy is the (Wo) man who can make a living by His (Her) Hobby” – I have slightly changed the Quote by George Bernard Shaw to add the feminine gender to match our present-day requirement.

Making money is the first step of the financial cycle and women who are not full-time employees, are always intrigued by this question and find ways and means to achieve this. I am giving below 10 areas from which you can earn money. Converting talent into business can give a lot of happiness.  With a little bit of effort in understanding the field and developing the contacts, each of these can fetch you a reasonable and steady income.

1. Photography

Photographers cover not just events like weddings, pre-wedding, birthdays, and pregnancies, but Jewelry, Fashion, Food, Wildlife, Architecture, Heritage, etc. too.  You can be a seasonal/freelance photographer who clicks and sends photos for clients based on assignments.

2. Tuitions-online/offline

Tuitions are forever in high demand, and if you are good in one or more subjects or languages, you can start online tuition or even offline. Start looking for students by giving away some creatives around, also through social media.

3. Digital marketing/Content writing

If you have a flair for writing, developing marketing content for clients will be a very good option and is in demand.

4. Stitching/Crochet

Stitching, Knitting, embroidering, and crocheting are all specialized Skills that need a lot of time, patience, and effort –at the same time doing these as per customer needs and customized works can help to earn a good income.

5. Teaching Arts/Music

Any art that you are passionate about, can be taught to those willing to learn irrespective of age. Teaching Art is also therapeutic.  

6. Teaching Yoga/Fitness

If you are a fitness enthusiast why don’t you specialize in it by taking a Coaching-training? With an increase in lifestyle diseases, the necessity to remain fit and healthy has jumped up very high. Direct or online, there is a huge demand for fitness trainers.

7. Creating Logos/Ad fliers – This is for those who have an aptitude for Designing. Every day new business ideas are blooming and to start with many require a Logo and ad-flier to circulate. Being a specialized designer catering to small businesses would be a great idea and has a big scope.

8. Write a book and publish– If you are good at writing, don’t wait. Just go ahead by writing a book and publishing it. There are publishing houses, similar to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing that accept new writers and it will be awesome to earn while you get fame too.

9. Compering for events – For any events like marriage or reception or official meetings, the host/compeer plays an important role. If you have a flair for presentation and communication you can be a Master of Ceremony. Offer your services in your locality and soon word-of-mouth marketing will happen that can get you more work.  

10. Baking – If you find happiness in baking customized cakes or confectionery, it’s time to market your culinary skills. There’s a huge demand for cakes everywhere for every event.

There are many more ways to earn for those who have a will and note that these can be an additional or second income or even a side hustle.  

She Writer Sandhya Naren, MBA, CAIIB is a Branch Manager of a Public Sector Bank, a Writer, a Storyteller, and a Women-Coach in Personal Finance. She’s the Co-founder of Manasa Learning Solutions, Life Skills Training Academy for women and children.