5 Indian Street Foods That You Didn’t Know Are Vegan

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Since the last few years, India has seen a rapid growth of people going vegan, and with the rise of veganism in our country, there has arisen a major obstacle in finding food options. Although some restaurants and supermarkets have a separate vegan section, oftentimes the high price ranges prevent people from buying it. However, if you look around, you’ll see there’s an abundance of street shops that sell pure vegan food at an extremely affordable rate. 

Here are 5 street foods that you didn’t know are vegan :

1.Gol Gappe/ Phuchka/ Pani Puri

Known by different names in different states, gol gappe or phuchka ranks top in the list of street foods. A crispy, fried bite-sized hollow puffed ball; filled with mashed potatoes, peas, onion, tomatoes, and coriander; served with flavored tamarind water is an absolute delight to your mouth. People all over our country had phuchka at least once, and little did they know that this snack is vegan and plant-based. 

2. Samosa 

People in India love Samosas and for good reasons. This traditionally vegan snack is made of triangle fried or baked pastry with a savory filling that includes spiced potatoes, chickpeas, and onions and accompanied by green chutney for samosa sauce. 

3. Dosa

If you want to try a more healthy vegan option, then this popular South Indian dish is a must-have. Made with fermented batter which consists of lentils and rice, plain dosas are a great option for breakfast. 

4. Chhole Bhature

One of the most popular dishes in North India is chhole bhature. This dish is a combination of chana masala and puri, a round-shaped fried bread made out of maida or flour. 

5. Jalebi

For those who think they can never find a tasty vegan dessert, I’m sorry, but you’re wrong! Jalebi is considered one of the tastiest desserts not only in India but also in various parts of South and West Asia. A deep-fried pretzel-shaped maida or flour batter soaked in sugar syrup will leave you with a heaven-in-mouth feeling. 

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