Therapy Is The New Friend


Therapy is not a problem solver. It is merely a mediator between an agitating heart and a chaotic mind. It is a safe place where you can unleash the demons who incessantly keep on haunting you whenever you go to bed and make your peace with it. It allows you to sit back in the comfort of a couch or just make a quick call to let your feelings out in the open. But the catch here is that it lets you be yourself without having to deal with the unsettling thought of being judged.

Let me ask you something. How many times have you wanted to approach a therapist, but something became a hindrance? Was it the voice of people somewhere in the back of your head calling you too weak to handle your own emotions? Or was it the fact that the stereotypical society we live in will start to think of you as crazy for all the turmoil going on in your head?

Now, let me tell you what most people won’t tell you. Seeking help doesn’t make you a weak person, or having too many or too few emotions doesn’t make you a crazy person either.

You’re simply a person trying to explore and figure out yourself.

A large section of people will ask you, “Why do you want to go for therapy? Are you having any anxiety attacks or suicidal thoughts?”

But what most people don’t know is that therapy is for everyone. You don’t need to be dealing with extreme disorders or go through a tragic event in life to be “qualified enough” to approach a therapist. You can be completing all your assignments before the deadline or waking up every day to go to work and still want to approach a therapist.

Therapy is not just about treating disorders. It is about having the opportunity to get an insight into your own mind. It is about exploring your own feelings.  Feelings that do not necessarily have to be related to mental exhaustion. It can even be a feeling of curiosity to know who you actually are. 

One of the most misunderstood things about therapy is that people believe it is supposed to give you a piece of advice or an opinion on how to lead your life, or what to do next. But therapy is like one of your closest friends. It helps you in fathoming your scattered thoughts, giving them a definite shape, and adding colours to it at your own pace.

Another misconception about therapy is most people believe talking to a therapist is like reading philosophical quotes on social media. Every process that a professional therapist chooses is scientific and concrete. Although one must be completely vigilant when approaching a psychologist as there are numerous pseudo-psychologists among the professional ones.

Have you found yourself giving in to these misconceptions about therapy? Well, you are not alone. Due to these misconceptions, many people hesitate to seek therapy. But all you need to know is that therapy is the new friend and it is there for everyone. If you ever feel like talking to a therapist, don’t shy away. Do your research and get yourself an appointment. 

Written By –

Karuna Arora



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