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Eyes are our body’s most developed and sensitive sensory organs. Eye sight is the most important and valued sense of the human body because without eye sight, one will forever live in a mystery. 

Exercising your eyes is very important for maintaining healthy sight. Find some interesting and easy to follow exercises this time. 


These “near – far ” focus and break – blink- breathe technique will help reduce eye fatigue.

1. Every 20 minutes, focus on a distant object in the room for 15 seconds.  

2. Gaze at an object up, then close the eyes for 10- 15 seconds.  Look back at the distant object and focus again.

3. Blink quickly a few times close your eyes breathe deeply and relax. Repeat the process 5 times.


  1. Close your eyes tightly as possible. Then squeeze them hard so that the muscles contract.
  2. Hold this position for approximately for 3 seconds and then let go quickly and let the muscles relax. 
  3. Stretch your eyes by opening them wide hold for three seconds and rest. Blink a few times. 
  4. Repeat this for 5 times.


This exercise will help flex your extraocular muscles which control eye movement.

  1. Moving clock-wise first, roll your eyes to follow the extreme of your vision. Take care not to push too hard.
  2. Once you have completed a clock-wise circle, reverse the movement. Repeat twice in each direction.
  3. Once it is done, blink quickly a few times, close your eyes and relax.
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