Afraid of Wrinkles?


Anti wrinkle home made face  mask is the  best natural solution to  get  rid of  the  aging signs and to tighten, nourish & hydrate a sagged skin.



  1. Honey 

 Honey is the essence of  nature’s love . It heals and boosts us by every means .Apply  honey  on your face and leave  it   for 20 minutes . This is the most simple way keep your skin hydrated and get rid of fine lines .

2. Egg pack.

Egg is a power house of all anti-aging elements like  Omega -3 ,fatty acids, proteins and  zinc. Egg yolk contains a special anti-aging compound called  biotin. Mix egg white, 1/2 tsp of fresh cream & lemon  juice and apply on your face & neck.  After 20 minutes wash it off with warm water. Mix egg yolk, honey, oats & half tsp of olive oil make it in to a paste. Apply on your face and neck. Rinse off after 20 minutes with warm water.

3.Carrot and Potato  pack.

Carrots are a rich source of vitamin-A that helps in boosting the collagen production of skin. Collagen makes the skin tight & prevents wrinkles. Potato is also considered to be a great anti-aging ingredient. Boil carrot and Potato and mash into a paste. Add a pinch of turmeric powder, honey and yogurt and mix well .Apply on your face and neck. Keep for 20 minutes and rinse it off.



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