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Akasa Air’s Cabin Crew Embrace Comfortable Sneakers over Heels

image Credits:  LinkedIn/@Diksha Mishra, R: Twitter/@AkasaAir

In a refreshing move towards comfort and equality, Indian low-cost carrier Akasa Air has introduced sneakers as part of their cabin crew uniform. This departure from the norm of women wearing heels while providing in-flight services was recently highlighted by a LinkedIn user who shared a photo of an Akasa Air crew member in comfortable footwear.

The user, Diksha Mishra, expressed her happiness at the change and congratulated the airline for breaking the norm. She wrote, “No more killer heels to run the services. Absolute comfort and I am sure it was long pending for these humans.” Akasa Air responded by thanking Diksha and stating that comfort is one of their core values.

This move has been praised by many, with one user commenting that it is “a great example of good leadership” and that “a company that makes their employees comfortable can ensure that they will make their customers comfortable.” Another user highlighted the importance of this change in the context of the objectification of women, stating, “Whoever thought of women to serve passengers in airline have to look like fashion models were definitely too patriarchal.”

Akasa Air unveiled their new crew uniform, including custom trousers and jackets made from recycled polyester fabric salvaged from marine waste, in July of last year. The company prides itself on taking ergonomics, aesthetics, and comfort into consideration when designing its uniform.

This move by Akasa Air towards a more comfortable and equal working environment for their cabin crew is a step in the right direction. It highlights the importance of taking into consideration the needs and comfort of employees, especially in a service-oriented industry like aviation. Hopefully, this move will inspire other airlines to make similar changes toward a more equitable and comfortable workplace.

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