A poet’s predicament!

Inability to give words

you say, “Writer’s block”

I say: “indescribable”!

Oh! How can I describe

You, the heaven on earth!

For no words of beauty

In any spoken language

can describe the feelings

Of serenity, astonishment

wilderness and vividness!

The misty blue skies

The white snow-filled trails

The basalt-paved terrains

The yellow and red fall leaves

The flowers of the multitude

The fallen oak and pines

The fresh and crisp winds

The clear mirror lake

The snow-capped peaks

And the fall that escapes!

Yosemite, Your Majesty!

you might not know

How did you overwhelm this

minuscule being of this planet!

Your grandeurs tremors

this faint heart and makes

I realize that nothing

matters for this mortal

than the pure love of nature

And the companionship

of fellow travelers!

I return; enticed, enamored, and empowered;

filled with eternal love!

Oh! Destiny, how shall I thank you?

Amor Fati, for all that you bestow!

poetess: dr.cee vee

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