An Indian Woman’s Heartwarming Post On Her Friendship With A Pakistani Classmate Is Winning Hearts All Over The Internet


A LinkedIn user shared how she made a Pakistani friend at Harvard Business School and how it changed her outlook on the India-Pakistan narrative, let’s take a look:

People often possess various perceptions about people staying across the border. However, the walls of misconception often come down when these people get to know the people of their neighboring country a little closely. 

One such thing happened with Sneha Biswas. While growing up in India Sneha had very little knowledge about Pakistan as she only read about Indo-Pak wars in history books and watched the Pakistani cricket team play. This was all she was aware of until she met a woman from Pakistan on her first day at Harvard Business School. In a recent LinkedIn post, Sneha shared the story of her friendship with her Pakistani classmate which went viral and is winning hearts all over the internet. 

Sneha wrote in her post, “Growing up in a small town in India, my knowledge about Pakistan was limited to cricket, history books and the media. All revolving around rivalry and hatred. Decades later I met this girl. She is from Islamabad, Pakistan. I met her on my Day 1 at Harvard Business School. It took us 5 seconds to like each other and by the end of first semester she became one of my closest friends on campus,” that is not all, she also emphasized on how their friendship grew.

“Over multiple chai’s, biryani’s, financial models and case study preps, we got to know each other. Her stories of growing up in a conservative Pakistani backdrop, but blessed with supportive parents who gave her and her younger sister the courage to break the norms and chase their dreams, resonated with me. Her stories of fearless ambitions and bold choices inspired me,” she explained. She also shared an image that shows them flaunting the flags of their countries with huge smiles on their faces.

“I realized that while pride for your individual nations stands strong, your love for people transcends geographies and boundaries. People, fundamentally, are similar everywhere. Boundaries, borders and spaces are built by humans, and while it all might make sense to the head, the heart often fails to understand them.”

Since being shared, the post has received around 40,000 likes and it is only increasing. This post has also prompted people to post various kinds of comments. “We built walls between each other, and thus, it’s up to us to bring them down,” a user wrote. “This is what people must know… before anything else we are human beings and our nature has different types of characteristics, it depends totally on us which one we wanna show the society. ..great going. All the best,” expressed another LinkedIn user. 

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