Nomiya Renjan

Image Credits: The Better India

Nomiya Ranjan
Image Credits: The Better India

Nomiya Renjan started Nomees Dhruvi in 2020, which sells herbal hair products to 70,000 customers all across India and UAE

Nomiya Renjan, an MBA Graduate from Kannur, Kerala was disheartened because of her post-partum hair loss. She tried every store-bought hair product and had no improvement. For months she had not considered using the herbal hair oil made by her mother using some ayurvedic herbs in the locality. As a final option, Nomiya Renjan turned to this ayurvedic hair oil and was surprised at the effects. Her hair-fall lessened in a couple of weeks and new hair started to grow. 

She never needed to look back after this amazing discovery. But she did not think of developing this into a business. It happened when someone from Facebook posted a post about her hair-fall problem. Nomiya sent her a bottle of her mother’s ayurvedic hair oil. When this user posted a good review of the herbal hair oil on Facebook, Nomiya began to get more orders. That is how she launched Nomees Dhruvi in 2020. 

In the factory of Nomees Dhruvi, four tonnes of oil are prepared per month. The ayurvedic hair oil is prepared using coconut oil and many varieties of natural herbs collected from different farmers in the state. Nomees Dhruvi initially started only as an ayurvedic hair oil brand. But soon Nomiya added many other products to the brand like aloe vera gel, henna powder, indigo powder etc. 

Today Nomees Dhruvi is a successful brand that has about 70,000 customers all around India and UAE. You can buy their products through Amazon or Facebook. 

Credits: The Better India 

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