Beginners guide to start preparing for your come back to career

If you are at stage 1 in your life and want to go to stage 2. You are confused about how, what, when you can cross this big gap. You try multiple ways, but most of the time. Keep on falling in the curve trap. 

 There are only two ways to make peace within ourselves.

  1. To accept things as they are and learn to find happiness within the same situation and continue to be on stage 1 . Make peace with yourself, don’t take risk, think big, live a comfortable life. 
  2. To identify things which are not working and own up the responsibility to change them. Make them as you like, face the challenges. Find a way to move from the cycle of overcoming that learning curve which is filled with below challenges.

There are no right or wrong ways to live life. In the longer run, if you are happy being a wife, a caregiver, a mom, and being at home. It’s perfectly ok.

On the other hand, if you feel like you want to now explore the path of going back to your career and get on the path of financial freedom. It is fine too.

We need to create that mindset to bring a change in our life, Set up our goal, which allows us to consistently put in the effort, and be prepared for all the challenges coming our way. If we have set a goal and achieved it easily then certainly, we will not find this journey rewarding and certainly won’t be rewarding too.

On the other hand, as we all have might experience during any phases of our life. Initially, there is a lot of confusion, anxiety, hustle, struggle, many times we fail or feel lost. If we are confident of what we want to achieve in our life then we keep on adding consistent efforts towards our goal and bring back our attention. Ultimately, we achieve our goals.

But the problem which many of us face while we work on our mindset.  

Few people have learnt the art of making a bridge from point 1 to 2. They are ready to share their journey, the way they have been able to build the bridge which can shorten your learning curve. 

Here are 5 proven solutions which most of the successful people practice in their life These solutions help solve almost 90% of problems. For the rest of 10%, we need to create customized solutions.

1. My mood :  

Most of the time I feel low energy levels. I don’t feel the kick to apply, every day for job postings and feel lost. After a few days, I feel depressed.


To improve our mood, we need to exercise.

Make it your daily ritual whatever form of exercise you like- running with your kids, yoga, Zumba, playing any sport, dancing whatever makes you happy.

2 Lack of clarity- inside myself and in this world too.

I don’t know what to do. I am confused. I don’t understand this world. It has been a big gap since I left my professional world and got completely engrossed in my new family post marriage /childbirth/ caregiver role etc.  


To think more clearly, meditate. Apart from that, to understand yourself more deeply, write. Set aside time to plan a date with yourself. Till the time you know you’re why clearly. You can’t even ask for help from outside. You need to be clear about your goal. Whether it’s creating your new resume, identifying your niche, finding a mentor, or finding a new house to help you when you plan to join at work. ‘Find your WHY?’. Start Journaling your feelings, it brings in more clarity. Remember while we were kids, the moment we could not understand, our teachers used to simply draw the things on the blackboards and that made it much clearer for us.

  • I am a slow learner

Everyone says how much time you take to do things, 


To learn faster, have fun.

The simplest way to learn faster is to start enjoying what you are learning. Discover fun ways to learn it. Practice teaching it to someone. It makes you not only learn faster but also helps you. I am applying your learnings in practice and seeking feedback to improvise the same.

  • I try so many things but I am not growing .

I keep on trying so many things, yet I am not able to grow as I want to be


To grow faster, be consistent. Do one thing surely. Break your goals into smaller goals and habits which on practicing daily can lead you to the path of success. Be consistent and practice these skills daily. Identify people who are a step further in the similar journey and get coached. There is no harm in having multiple coaches for multiple aspects of your life.

e.g you might go for financial advice from an investment banker, but for a relationship issue, might want to speak to your friend who is good at managing her relationships, or for taking advice on your child behaviour might be comfortable in speaking to her school counsellor. Depending on the needs the coach differs. 

e.g Goal: I want to find a job. daily step- Apply daily in 5 companies, talk to 5 connections daily ..etc can be your daily actionable. Be consistent while applying these

5. I feel a deep void inside.


To feel the fullness in your heart, practice self-love. Feel your cup

Practice self-love. Set aside half an hour daily to do what you love. Think about your childhood memories, what is the first thing which both of you enjoy? Is it being in the park, eating your favourite ice cream? Just spending time with your mom, reading your favourite book, or just sitting idle.

Just do that, without any guilt. As everyone is important so is your happiness important No one else is responsible to make you feel loved or happy. You are your own master. Don’t ever feel a slave to the task that you are performing every day. If you are a mom, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, caregiver. Every role that you perform comes later, first comes your own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. You can only give to others what you have. If you have a love for yourself only then you can love anyone else. 

Remember the time when your mother used to tell you almost a hundred times in a day. You are the best daughter, you are a princess, you are a confident child.

Now once you are grown up no one tells you these things about yourself. Yes, beta I trust you. you can do this.

Why not take charge now and start doing these things yourself? Practice affirmations like ● I am courageous and ready to experiment in new domains.

  • I love and accept myself as I am. 💚💕
  • I am working daily to be a better version of myself.

Dig within your soul to find your WHY. Create your own unique story of transformation.

 Give it due respect, an action which is needed. You are worth it. You owe this to yourself.

All the best for taking the first step towards changing your mindset. 

To be Continued…

With Lots of Love    

Shalini Srivastava

Transformation Life Coach

Shalini Srivastava. Transformation Life Coach.



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