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Al Amin, known as Haram, is a Berlin-based artist making waves in a sustainable fashion by transforming sneakers into striking bags. With a background working at Footlocker, she amassed a collection of over 50 pairs of sneakers, which eventually became her inspiration for upcycling projects.

Haram’s journey into sneaker design started when she realized her sneakers were no longer suitable for resale. She saw potential in her collection and decided to deconstruct them, finding immense joy in the process. This creative spark led her to merge sneaker culture with futuristic femme fashion, resulting in unique, head-turning designs.

Haram draws inspiration from her dual heritage, aiming to incorporate Kurdish traditions into her work without conforming to Western norms solely for modernization’s sake. She blends old traditions with futuristic ideas, showcasing her distinct perspective.

Her creative process is guided by the materials she uses, rather than meticulous planning or sketches. She trusts her intuition, allowing the materials to shape her designs. This approach keeps her creativity flowing, free from the constraints of fixed plans.

Haram’s pieces are known for their intricate detail, and the time she dedicates to each project varies based on her enthusiasm. Typically, it takes one to three days to complete a design, but some, like her headpieces, can take longer.

One of her latest creations has generated excitement, especially since she crafted a custom pair for Nicki Minaj, potentially for an upcoming music video.

Looking ahead, Haram plans to expand her fashion line to include jewelry, press-on nails, and hairpieces. Her dedication to sustainable fashion and unique, culturally inspired designs continue to make her a standout figure in the fashion world.

Re-reported from the article originally published in Hypebae

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