Beth Mooney: Leading Gujarat Giants in WPL 2024

Beth Mooney
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Beth Mooney, the renowned Australian batter and wicketkeeper, assumes the captaincy of Gujarat Giants in the ongoing Women’s Premiere League (WPL) 2024. Her adept cricketing skills are on full display, especially from behind the stumps, captivating audiences worldwide.

Early Life and Cricket Journey:

Hailing from Shepparton, Victoria, Beth Mooney’s sporting prowess manifested at a young age, engaging in various sports like tennis and soccer. Her tryst with cricket commenced at 8, filling in for her brother in Kialla Lakes Cricket Club. Moving to Hervey Bay, Queensland, further fueled her passion as she balanced cricket with biking and sea kayaking with her father. Despite the absence of a girls’ team, Mooney persisted, excelling as a wicketkeeper for Queensland’s girls’ cricket team and simultaneously playing for Hervey Bay’s boys’ team.

Rise to Stardom:

Mooney’s talent caught national attention, earmarking her as a potential national team player by age 13. Debuting in the Women’s National Cricket League in 2010 marked the beginning of her illustrious career. Opting to focus solely on cricket in 2014, Mooney’s dedication bore fruit as she donned the Australian jersey for the first time in 2016 at the Adelaide Oval. Her meteoric rise continued as she clinched the ICC Emerging Player of the Year and Player of the Year awards in T20 Internationals in 2017.

Dominance in T20 Cricket:

Mooney’s prowess reached its pinnacle during the T20 World Cup 2020, where her stellar performances earned her the title of the world’s number one female batter in T20 Internationals. The following year, Wisden recognized her as the Leading Woman Cricketer in the World, a testament to her exceptional skills and consistency on the field.

Gujarat Giants Captaincy:

The 2023 WPL auction saw Beth Mooney joining Gujarat Giants, securing her position as the team’s leader with a staggering bid of Rs. 2 crores. Her acquisition marked her as the fifth most expensive player in the tournament and the second most expensive in her team. As the captain of Gujarat Giants in WPL 2024, Mooney’s leadership and cricketing acumen promise an exhilarating season for fans and teammates alike.


Beth Mooney’s journey from a talented youngster in Shepparton to captaining Gujarat Giants in WPL 2024 reflects her unwavering dedication and exceptional talent. As she continues to leave an indelible mark on the cricketing world, Mooney’s leadership ensures Gujarat Giants remain a formidable force in the ongoing Women’s Premiere League.

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