Biggest Challenge: I can’t do it !


No one can kill your skill, first, you need to strengthen your will. Hold your head high and Say it Aloud Yes, I can do it! Yes, I can is the first step to begin your Comeback 2 Career Journey.

When we were kids, we could try everything and trust our gut that we could do it. Slowly, we start getting conditioned to find faults within us and lose trust in our abilities. Just remind yourself of your confidence level while you were small kids.

 Inability or not trying is not our true self. We must learn to accept and honour our true being and stand up for ourselves, whatever we truly believe in.

Few years back you felt like taking a break and giving priority to your family, spending time with your kids, leaving your job to move to a different city once you were married or your husband moving to a different location . You believed that was the correct decision at one point in your life. You did it out of compulsion or your own will. 

Similarly, it is equally important now to accept the new reality -your burning desire to make a comeback. Start moving ahead while breaking your goal into tasks and accomplishing them daily.

Don’t forget to pat on your back, even if it is a tiny accomplishment. Each failure is your learning because it is taking you a step closer to your goal. Treat them as redirection to a new path towards your goal. It’s ok to make a mistake, but it is not ok to not try again. Try Try Try till you succeed.  But, try while incorporating learning and course correction from your previous mistake and choosing a better strategy.

Here are a few tips to help you move forward

 Affirmation and mirror exercise To build your self-esteem, confidence, and willpower 

Just practice them 2 times while looking straight in your eyes, in your mirror daily. Just look deep inside your own eyes, as if each word is piercing your soul.Say it with full belief in yourself and feel each emotion

I am strong and powerful

I can do it, I have the strength

I stand up for myself

I am proud of my achievements

I honour myself

I feel my power 

I appreciate my strengths

I make my own choices

I am abundantly creative and can make use of my talents to grow my prosperity. 

All the best for taking the first step towards changing your mindset. If you are struck, I am there to help you in your journey.   

To be Continued…

With Lots of Love 💕

Shalini Srivastava

Transformation Life Coach.

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