BJP’s Ratna Anand Mamani’s nomination accepted after objections raised by Congress

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The nomination papers of Ratna Anand Mamani, who is contesting from BJP for the Saundatii Yellamma constituency in the upcoming Karnataka Assembly election, were accepted on Saturday after a thorough scrutiny by the election officials. However, the acceptance of her nomination papers faced objections raised by the Congress candidate.

Ratna, who is the wife of the former deputy speaker of the Karnataka Assembly late Anand Mamani, expressed her gratitude for the favorable judgment and requested the people of her constituency to bless her in the coming days. She claimed that the objection raised by the Congress candidate was rejected after closely scrutinizing the application.

Ratna alleged that the opponents resort to these low-level conspiracies when they cannot win. She further added that those who created trouble for her should come face-to-face to fight in the election. Ratna’s lawyer said that there could have been some minor errors, which did not amount to a gross violation of the poll code to the extent that her nomination papers can be rejected.

Re-reported from the story originally published in Deccan Herald