Controversial PIL on Free Women’s Bus Travel Withdrawn

Image Credit: Economic Times

A public interest litigation (PIL) challenging Karnataka’s ‘Shakti’ scheme, which offers free bus travel for women, has been voluntarily withdrawn in the High Court of Karnataka. The PIL, filed by three law students, alleged that the scheme had led to overcrowding, chaos, and unruly behavior at bus stands, adversely affecting children, senior citizens, and the economy.

The court had questioned the validity of the PIL, seeking clarification on the specific locations experiencing overcrowding, the scheme’s target demographic, and whether any research supported the claims. Additionally, the court inquired whether the PIL aimed to address overcrowding or challenge the scheme itself.

Comparing the situation to crowded Mumbai local trains, the court asked if the petitioners were aware of such conditions. It advised that PILs should be pursued only after thorough preparation.

Consequently, the petitioners’ counsel requested permission to withdraw the PIL, which the court granted. The court’s decision stemmed from its perception that the PIL lacked clarity and substantial supporting evidence.

Re-reported from the article originally published in Economic Times

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