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Dark Comedy on Motherhood Struggles Takes Stage

Image credit: Deccan Herald

This weekend, Ranga Shankara will host the dark comedy play, ‘Mummy’s Dead, Long Live Mummy!’, centered on the challenges of motherhood and parenting.

Directed by Tiffany Hoffstetter and produced and written by Koel Purie Rinchet and Ira Dubey, the play, featuring original cast members, Viviane Bossina, Melinda Mayor, Laura Woody, and Koel, is embarking on a three-city tour across India.

The play, which garnered positive responses in Paris earlier this year, explores the lives of four young mothers grappling with the complexities of motherhood. According to Ira, the pressure to marry and have children in countries like India can be overwhelming, causing some women to feel that their identity takes a backseat due to motherhood. The play delves into topics such as guilt, mental health, developmental issues, sexuality, bullying, racism, and the challenges parents face in connecting with their children.

While addressing serious issues, the play also offers moments of comic relief, recognizing the interplay between tragedy and comedy. Ira emphasizes the importance of addressing dark themes with a touch of humor.

The primary aim of the play is to initiate conversations about the struggles of motherhood and provide support to those experiencing similar challenges.

The 75-minute-long English play is suitable for audiences aged 15 and above.

Re-reported from the article originally published in Deccan Herald