Devils Own People

Dowry Image

Gods own country
A land of high indices
In human development
The high literacy land
Of deep rooted socialism
Seeking an egalitarian state.

The only part of the world
Where Communism succeeds
In often elected to power,
promising welfare, law and order

A state of the Indian Union
Where women outnumbers men
In sex ratio, so in education
Receiving global applause !

But why, in this state, our sisters
And daughters commit suicide?
Hanging by the six yard cloth,
Ending the suffering in one go

What do these swines of cruel
Heartless selfish men of ego
Want from innocent hapless girls,
Who come into begin life anew?

Money, materials, wealth
The pleasure of sex on demand?
Then discard, hit them, pain them
To suffer, struggle and end the life?

Giving birth to these savage creatures
Those unashamed proud parents
Bringing up the character less
Brutal barbaric bloody beasts

Those villainous greedy families
Put them into the dungeon
For long solitary confinement
To live in darkness, denied of light.

Mallus, it is time to change
Hell with the marriage institutions
Where a woman is put to sale
For the sheer pleasures of man

And we the literate people
Of high human indices
Must hang our head in shame
But ensure, this doesn’t repeat

To continue as Gods own country
This dog behaviour must stop
Those men and accomplices
Must fear for own life,
From the society around,
Should they ever think of
Touching a girl, in anger

Forgive us, our daughters
For, we let this happen
With our materialistic vision
Devoid of human values

People, it is time to pledge
We will not let it happen again
The life lost is our trigger for action
Making sure, no brides end this way.

#Vismaya #Vismayadeath #poem #tribute #dowrydeath #Kerala #dowryfreeindia #humanrights #stories

Written By –

By Sri. S. R. Nair
Founder, Mentor Guru



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