Altering one’s looks with cosmetic surgery has become a trend in the past decade. But do we really need it in this world?

Even when body positivity and self-acceptance are the concepts that are widely spreading across the world, the number of cosmetic surgery is also increasing tremendously. Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is the case when a person is opting to alter their appearance through surgery or a medical procedure for cosmetic reasons rather than medical reasons.

The most popular surgical cosmetic procedure worldwide in 2020 was breast augmentation, followed by liposuction and eyelid surgery. The most popular nonsurgical procedures included botulinum toxin or botox, hyaluronic acid, hair removal, and nonsurgical fat reduction.

People opt for these procedures to feel better about themselves, in the hope of becoming better versions of themselves. The beauty industry is setting unusually high standards. There is an archetype of a perfect face and perfect body. Everybody wants slimmer bodies with more curves at the right places, a sharper nose, fuller lips, and perfect eyes. And you can achieve this perfect body and face – you just have to spend some money.

And as the world has more and more beautiful faces, they constantly make others feel less satisfied with the natural way they look, and they also start to wish for those perfect faces. And spend money to achieve those perfect faces and bodies. And the cycle continues.

But, this alteration of one’s look is possible for only those who have the money for it. So as the rich people get more and more plastic perfect, the ones that are not financially well set would have no option but to feel inferior about their natural looks and body structure. Though not all of us feel inadequate about our physical appearance, at least some people, young and old, male and female does start to feel that their blemished saggy skin, lesser curves or wrinkles does not match up to this perfect image that the beauty industry has put forward. And this is not an ideal situation.

A situation where every human in this world alters their looks is an impossibility since these procedures will stay expensive. So if cosmetic surgery continues to get more popular, there will come a day where we can differentiate the rich from the poor just by the way they look. We still can, by the clothes they wear and cosmetics they use. But there may come a future where all the rich people will look like versions of the perfect image with fairer skin, curvier bodies and perfect faces. And the financially backwards people look naturally as how they were born.  

But the real beauty of the world is that we all are unique looking. Like we all have our own personalities we all have our own faces and bodies. And a lot of people have started accepting themselves and embraced body positivity. So we know that there is hope in this world.

And if cosmetic surgery is making the people undergoing them feel better about themselves, then that is okay too. As every human has the right to do things to make them feel better about themselves.

And we cannot eliminate cosmetic surgery altogether as the procedures are a blessing for people left with disfigurement after an accident or acid attacks. In a world where you are judged by the way you look, cosmetic surgeries will save you from all the shame and judgements that you are facing because of the way you look. So rather than reducing cosmetic surgeries, we should be altering the way we think about beauty and not judge someone based on the way they look. 

-Staff Reporter