Entrepreneur With Down Syndrome Started A Health Drink From Scratch

Without letting her Down Syndrome condition be a hindrance to her, Mumbai’s Swasti Mehta has come up with a health drink, Pudina Punch that is now sold all over India.

27-year-old Swasti Mehta was born with Down Syndrome, but she found her calling in the lockdown of 2020. She started her business by making a drink named Pudina Punch which is made out of lemon and mint leaves. She first made it for her parents and her brother Aarsh. But soon she was making it for her neighbours too. The compliments and encouragement she received made her family think that Swasti should make this into a business. She used to get one or two orders per day before. But now she gets almost 20 orders per day.

Swasti is thrilled with the work she is doing and her mother, Darshana Mehta, couldn’t be prouder. “Having worried about how Swasti would cope in the real world, to see her do this completely on her own put me at ease. I cannot begin to describe the emotions that surge through me.” Darshana said in an interview with The Better India.

According to Darshana Swasti was a very active child and had no ailments other than Down Syndrome. Swasti started occupational and speech therapy early on and her mother believes that this has helped her a lot. Swasti spent six years in a special school and then was homeschooled. When Swasti turned 20 she was diagnosed with psychosis. It was a tough time for the family, however, her mother did not give up on Swasti. Eventually, she got better through medications.

“Pudina Punch has given us a shared goal and brought us closer together,” says Swasti’s brother Aarsh.

Adding to this, Swasti says, “I go to the market and buy the pudina (mint) leaves. Wash them well and sort them all out. Then I dry them, make a paste and add lemon juice to them. Then comes the sugar, which goes in according to taste. Once I am done with this entire process, I also fill out the bottles and have them ready to dispatch.” Each bottle is priced at Rs 200 and is being shipped pan-India at an additional cost. The 1-litre bottles can make up to 30 glasses of the drink.

Swasti’s journey is an inspiration for thousands out there. She is proof that nothing can stand in your way as long as you have determination. 

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