Entrepreneurial Symphony: Deepa Kartha’s SheSight Revelation

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In this edition, we’re thrilled to have Deepa Kartha on board for our feature story – a visionary entrepreneur, the brilliant founder of a B2B SAAS company, and the creative mind behind the groundbreaking Journyz SuperApp.

Originally from Kerala, India, Deepa has spent over 25 years in the U.S., with a significant portion dedicated to financial services and fintech.

In a riveting conversation, Dr. Chandra Vadhana, CEO of SheSight, explores Deepa’s journey from fintech to entrepreneurship. Deepa candidly reveals that, for years, she hadn’t envisioned becoming an entrepreneur due to loyalty and comfort in her corporate role. However, the monotony of routine led her to crave more learning opportunities, prompting her to leap into entrepreneurship, a significant shift from the structured environment of a large organization. Driven by a desire to understand how technology influences people and seeking a more systematic approach, she carved her path in entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur demands continuous learning and navigating daily challenges with excitement despite not always knowing what to do—a thrilling yet challenging aspect.

Deepa introduces the Journyz as a SuperApp designed to address the ever-changing landscape of industries.

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Dr Chandra: Let’s explore Journyz, your SuperApp. Can you detail its uniqueness and purpose?

Deepa: Certainly.  Journyz addresses challenges with tools requiring constant adaptation. Our platform allows real-time custom app creation, empowering companies to tailor applications for teams, processes, and systems—ensuring efficiency. Whether in innovation or cost savings, Journyz provides a one-stop solution, eliminating the need for constant coding and introducing gamification for impactful results in sales organizations.

Dr Chandra: Moving to your journey, you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while, What advice do you have for immigrant women, especially Indian women, considering entrepreneurship?

Deepa: Starting a business begins by clarifying your intentions. Decide if you seek independence, steady income, or a post-retirement venture. Be honest about goals and explore resources like small business development corporations and accelerators. Entrepreneurship demands a unique mindset, so define your vision—whether aspiring for the next Google or a stable income—and leverage resources aligned with your aspirations.

Dr Chandra: Entrepreneurship brings moments of confusion and self-doubt. Did you, as a woman entrepreneur, face uncertainty?

Deepa: Absolutely, I had moments of uncertainty about leaving my stable job. I thought about climbing higher, maybe even becoming a CIO if I stayed. Many entrepreneurs go through this. Navigating those moments is crucial—it’s about finding your path amidst the uncertainties. Self-awareness is key; acknowledge doubts and seek guidance from coaches aligning preferences with business goals. Filter advice and prioritize based on specific needs. Clarity and understanding your path are essential. Discern what aligns with your current focus; managing overload requires decisive decision-making and task prioritization.

Dr Chandra: Tell us about your experience working with women leaders and how women can shine in male-dominated industries.

Deepa: In my early corporate days, I had a positive experience with women leaders who fostered teamwork. However, as you move up, the culture tends to become more masculine. To enhance women’s presence, they can introduce collaborative and diverse-thinking practices, prioritizing teamwork over individual achievements. Encouraging a collaborative approach in leadership is crucial as women ascend to higher positions. Research has shown that companies with women in executive ranks tend to perform better. They ensure that products and services are better designed to appeal to a broader audience, contributing to overall company success.

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Dr Chandra: In the entrepreneurial space, you emphasized the role of collaboration. How do you approach partnerships?

Deepa: Genuine collaboration is key for scaling successfully. Partnerships must be win-win, with shared visions and a focus on creating something bigger together. Setting aside egos, understanding strengths, and working towards a collective win-win are crucial. Entrepreneurship involves risks, and strong partnerships are pivotal for a larger, impactful presence.

Dr Chandra: Looking back at your journey, what advice do you have for women aiming at leadership roles in male-dominated fields or starting their businesses?

Deepa: Embrace your unique leadership style, defy traditional norms, and prioritize collaboration. Don’t conform to masculine expectations; instead, showcase diverse leadership. Foster a culture valuing teamwork, empowering women to take risks and lead authentically. For aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s about wanting something badly. If you desire it deeply, you’ll figure out how to make it happen.

Wrapping up, we extend our best wishes to Deepa Kartha for her ongoing journeys and new ventures. Deepa’s journey is truly inspiring and we can’t thank her enough for being a part of the SheSight story. This candid conversation adds a valuable perspective to the diverse experiences of women in entrepreneurship and leadership.

-Staff Reporter