Exercising At Home: Eight Everyday Things You Can Use To Get Back In Shape


Exercising At Home: Eight Everyday Things You Can Use To Get Back In Shape

While most people believe that you need to go to the gym to stay in shape, this is not true. In the pandemic, we all learned what it means to adjust to the new normal and improvise with things that are easily available to us at home. 

Fitness is also a journey that has been transformed. In the lockdown phase, instead of high-end fitness equipment, people used items available to them at home. 

Here are a few suggestions for exercising equipment to boost your fitness from home journey.

1. Backpack Squats 

Fill your backpack with your usual school or work apparatus, such as books and a laptop, and use it while you bend over and do some cardio. 

2. Water Bottle Curls 

From biceps to triceps, you can target both muscle groups with a few water bottle curls. All you need to do is find a couple of similar bottles and fill them evenly. And there you go, do your biceps curls. 

3. Water Bucket Deadlift 

Do you miss deadlifting? Replace the weight with a bucket filled with water. Fill a bucket according to your capacity and perform deadlifts. 

4. Tilts of chairs (or tables) 

The usual chairs we have at home may not be as stable as the benches in a gym, but a low table can be enough to support your weight for some chair dip exercises at home. 

5. Towel folded to one side 

You only need a towel for the slopes (sides). To tone your obliques, just hold the towel straight, raise your hands, and do side bends. You will feel a major difference by doing this. 

6. Book Pushups 

Books can not only convey knowledge but also help with fat loss and muscle building! Balance some books on your back and do push-ups to increase the effect. 

7. Run some Stairs

To do some cardio while staying indoors, walk up and down the stairs of your house or apartment block. You will feel the burn in no time. 

8. Sit against the wall 

Do you remember the wall-sits that you used to do in physical education class? There has never been a better time than now to put them back into action. Challenge yourself to hold it for a minute and then build another 30 seconds each day.

Covid breakdown is tough, but it has also given us numerous opportunities to get creative and find new ways to adapt our daily routine to one that’s safe and distancing-friendly. So, these were some exercise-from home tips to help you get in shape without spending even a penny on costly gym equipment. This includes using everyday household items to keep fit with these home workouts. You can choose to do each workout on its own, or combine them for a workout session for the whole body.

written by,

Tanisha Kushwaha
Masters in Political Science IGNOU