Ever since the premiere of the “Game of Thrones” prequel series, “House Of The Dragon” has been creating a lot of buzz. Putting all the contemplation to rest, the maker of the show however proved that they will only take the legacy of author George RR Martin and the cult favourite show higher from here.

The show has gained lots of fame and therefore attracted a huge number of fans and audiences that have already formed clubs and picked the characters they are rooting for. From Rhaenyra, Daemon, and King Viserys to his new wife Alicent Highwater, the House Of The Dragon cast is sure an interesting mix.

Apart from the plot and the characters, the fashion aesthetic of the show is grabbing a lot of eyeballs. The recently released episode titled Second Of His Name has become a topic of discussion for a different reason altogether. Apart from the epic battle sequence that the rogue prince Daemon headlined, fans couldn’t help but notice a very interesting detail from the episode.

‘Sabaya’, the popular fashion Instagrammer, pointed out this detail in their Instagram stories:-“Mulla Mottu Mala in House of Dragon, The Malyali is screaming”, “The Mulla-mottu male or Jasmine bud necklace is a much loved, traditional Malayali design”.

Alicent Hightower played by Emily Carey, the subject of a lot of fans’ wrath, wore a stunning blue gown devoid of any embellishments and embroideries. What caught a lot of people’s attention was her stunning necklace as the very necklace is in Kerala style – mullamottu mala! It is one of the most important ornaments that a bride wears on her wedding day and is considered traditional jewelry for Malayali women. However, It comes in various patterns and lengths but the main jasmine-bud-shaped motifs connected to a gold or brass chain are the signature style of the said mala.

The internet is lauding the traditional touch that the makers have included after being inspired by South Indian fashion.

-Staff Reporter