From Novice to Champion: Palak Gulia’s Inspiring Journey

Palak Gulia
Image credit: PTI

From reluctant novice to Asian Games gold medalist, 17-year-old shooter Palak Gulia has had a remarkable journey in a very short time. She started her shooting career just a couple of years ago, but her meteoric rise led India to an unexpected gold-silver finish in an event where China was expected to dominate.

Palak Gulia, who shares a room with her roommate Esha Singh at the Athletes‘ Village, quickly shifted into competition mode days before her 10m air pistol event. She emphasized the importance of proper sleep and maintaining a calm demeanor to keep her heartbeat steady.

Despite a shaky start in the final with her first shot, Palak stayed composed and focused on the task at hand. She went on to win a gold medal, proving her mettle on the grand stage.

Palak’s coach, Rakesh Singh, recalled the time when she initially viewed shooting as a hobby, often carrying her books to training. However, her sharp focus and determination gradually set her apart from other young shooters. Palak’s father, Joginder Singh Gulia, a businessman, encouraged her to pursue shooting as a sport that depended solely on her performance.

Palak’s commitment to balancing shooting and studies, her meticulous approach to training, and her remarkable ability to stay focused on her scores during competitions have all contributed to her success. Her recent gold-silver finish at the Asian Games is a testament to her rapid rise in the world of shooting.

As Palak returns home with a gold medal, her family eagerly awaits her arrival, ready to celebrate her achievement and share her joy. Her mother, Neelam Gulia, mentioned that Palak prefers a diet without oil and enjoys sketching in her free time.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The Indian Express