G Flip faces Twitter backlash after Taylor Swift fans accuse her of John Mayer association

G Flip
Lizzy McAlpine deleted a Taylor Swift-inspired tweet after apparent backlash from Swifties.  © Collage: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire/Unsplash/@maria_shalabaieva

Up-and-coming artist G Flip made waves in 2022 with her successful album Five Seconds Flat.

However, the young singer is now facing backlash from some Taylor Swift fans on Twitter over her association with John Mayer.

Earlier this year, G Flip was announced as an opener for Mayer’s Solo tour, which caused an uproar from Swifties who remember Mayer as a former flame of Taylor Swift. But despite the backlash, G Flip decided to cancel her appearance due to scheduling conflicts.

Recently, G Flip made a tweet that read “i want to be @taylorswift13 when i grow up,” which led to even more backlash from Swifties. Fans of G Flip defended her against the online harassment and criticized Swifties for their behavior.

Some fans argued that G Flip is a rising female artist who needs the connections and collaborations to get exposure and should not be attacked because of John Mayer’s actions. Others defended G Flip’s right to admire Taylor Swift as an artist and role model.

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