Girls’ Empowerment Shines: Creativity and Independence

Girls Empowerment
Image Credit: Telegraph India

On the eve of India’s 77th Independence Day, a remarkable initiative unfolded in Kolkata, celebrating Girls empowerment and independence. A unique pop-up event organized by an NGO, aimed to foster entrepreneurship among young female students. The event showcased an array of handmade products, including jewelry, paintings, bags, garments, and home decor, all crafted with sustainability in mind.

This initiative not only boosts these girls’ confidence but also introduces them to the world of entrepreneurship, aligning with the evolving opportunities of today. By utilizing materials like cloth cut pieces, newspapers, and hand-made paper, the event underscored sustainability and creativity.

One of the exhibitors, Prantika Sengupta, highlighted her passion for art and creativity, presenting beautifully painted bottles and artwork. The event honored girls who secured job opportunities in corporate giants and achieved remarkable academic results after being trained by the NGO. Guests applauded their achievements and emphasized the significance of financial independence for empowerment.

The event not only encouraged purchases of the displayed handicrafts but also conveyed a powerful message to these young women — to pursue their dreams relentlessly. With ongoing support, these girls are developing skills beyond academics, propelling them toward self-reliance and success.
Re-reported from the article originally published in Telegraph India