Google Doodle HonorsLily Poulett-Harris’s 150th Birthday

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Today’s Google Doodle marks the 150th birthday of Lily Poulett-Harris, a notable Australian cricket player and educator. Born on September 2, 1873, in Tasmania, Harriet Lily Poulett-Harris had the privilege of a rich learning environment due to her father’s role as the head of the Hobart Boys’ High School and his involvement in founding the University of Tasmania.

Despite not being eligible for scholarships at her father’s school, she demonstrated her intellectual prowess by participating in an exam alongside scholarship seekers and securing the second position. Lily Poulett-Harris was a woman of diverse talents, proficient in playing the violin and piano. She also had a deep passion for athletics.

Her father’s position as a trustee of the Southern Tasmanian Cricket Association and her brother’s engagement in cricket likely ignited her interest in the sport. In 1894, she proposed an idea that led to the establishment of the Oyster Cove Ladies Cricket Club, considered the first dedicated cricket organization in Australia. Notably, she not only played a pivotal role in its formation but also served as the team’s captain.

Poulett-Harris gained recognition in sports publications as a highly skilled and graceful cricket player, inspiring numerous women to join the sport. Her influence contributed to the rapid expansion of women’s cricket, with teams emerging in various places like Hobart, Huonville, Ranelagh, and Green Ponds.

Throughout her life, Lily Poulett-Harris continued to teach, excel in cricket, and share her musical talents. Her remarkable contributions were commemorated with plaques in her honor at Saint Simon and Saint Jude Anglican Church in Woodbridge and All Saints Anglican Church in Hobart, where she frequently performed.

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