Govt efforts have restored belief in the govt education system: Delhi minister Atishi

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According to Delhi Minister Atishi, the efforts made by the government have helped to restore faith in the government-run education system. She believes that the Delhi government’s initiatives have improved the quality of education and have made it more accessible to students from all backgrounds.

Atishi pointed out that the government has invested heavily in education, and has focused on improving infrastructure, providing better resources, and hiring more qualified teachers. She also highlighted the success of the ‘happiness curriculum’ and the ‘mentor teacher’ program, which have helped to create a more positive and supportive learning environment for students.

Atishi emphasized that the government’s efforts have resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of education, as evidenced by the increasing number of students who are choosing to enroll in government-run schools. She also pointed out that the pass percentage of students in government schools has gone up significantly over the past few years, which is a clear indication of the positive impact of the government’s efforts.

The Minister also highlighted the efforts made by the government to make education more inclusive and accessible. She pointed out that the government has taken steps to ensure that students from economically weaker sections of society have access to quality education, through initiatives like the ‘Jai Bhim Mukhyamantri Pratibha Vikas Yojana’ and the ‘Free Coaching Scheme for SC/ST/OBC/Minority Students’.

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