Guinness World Records Officially Names Monday ‘The Worst Day Of The Week’


“Monday blues” is not just a phrase but a real emotion that can be mainly understood by people who have to get back to work after a fun weekend. The first day of the week is usually considered the least favourite day for a majority of people and now Guinness World Records has officially declared Monday as the worst day of the week.

“We’re officially giving Monday the record of the worst day of the week,” Guinness World Records tweeted on Monday.

Guinness World Records’ post was so relatable that it flooded the platform with various funny memes and jokes. “I take Mondays off just for this reason,” a netizen commented.

“Petition for Mondays to be banned so after next Monday we will be Tuesday, we ban that also because it follows Sunday, so every day After Sunday will be banned and we only have a Sunday,” a Twitter user wrote.

An official page for the famous animated character ‘Angry Bird’ – inspired by a sketch of stylised wingless birds and turned into a video game, also reacted to Guinness World Records’ post.

“Took you long enough”, Angry Bird commented. To which GWR responded, “Ikr”, or “I know right!”

Credits: ANI

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