Happy Vinayak Chathurthi to everyone who is celebrating Lord Ganesha’s Birthday today!

Do you know why Ganesh is called “Ekadanta” (the one with a single tooth/tusk)?

Maharishi Vedavyasa chose Ganesha, the Lord of Wisdom, as his scribe to write the Mahabharata. His condition was that the pen should not stop while he was narrating the epic story. Ganesha had to change his writing quill (pen) many times, as the story was very long (about 100,000 verses). Yet he continued writing without any breaks, as per his promise. As the story was nearing completion, he ran out of quills! Undeterred, Ganesha broke his tusk and completed the story with the pointed end of the tusk. There are several life lessons that we can learn from Ganesha, based on this story.

1. Determination: Stick to your goals once you have decided to do something or you have taken up a task.

2. Accountability: Follow up your responsibilities to completion, no matter what it takes. You may have to make personal sacrifices, but make sure you complete the task assigned to you.

3. ‘Never Quit’ Attitude: There is always a solution to any problem; you just have to keep your mind open and look for it. It is nearer than you think. Quitting or running away from the problem does not solve it.

4. Look at the big picture: You have a purpose. You are part of a larger scheme of things (e.g., your team or the world). You have been chosen to do something that only you can do. If you do not complete it, you may be depriving the world of something spectacular.

5. There is no shortcut to success. Hard work and sincerity are the only things that will help you achieve your goals.

May the God of Wisdom guide you in your life!

Ganpathi Bappa Moreya! Mangala Moorthy Moreya!

Written By-

Deepa Perumal
C2C Mentor at Prayaana

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