Insights on Living a Fulfilling Life: Women’s Perspectives

Women's Career Fulfillment
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Transitioning from the hustle of city life to a more intentional pace, these dynamic women share insights into a fulfilling life, emphasizing the importance of balance, purpose, and the joy of deliberate living.

Malini Ramani: After feeling disconnected from the fast-paced adventures she once embraced, Malini Ramani decided to make a change. A transformative yoga course in Rishikesh during the 2020 lockdown became a life-changing experience. Currently working on a sustainable brand, Ash & Eden, Malini believes in discipline, planning, and the pursuit of dreams for a fulfilling life.

Tinu Verghis: Growing up in a serene Kerala village, Tinu Verghis later experienced the whirlwind of city life for 18 years. Seeking a home, she found solace in a farmhouse in Goa. Engaging in mural art and a weaving project, Tinu intertwines personal stories with craft. Embracing a slower pace has led to reduced stress, improved mental well-being, and a greater appreciation for simple moments.

Vibhuti Arora: A busy lifestyle filled with events and fashion shows took a toll on Vibhuti Arora’s health, leading to an autoimmune skin condition diagnosis in 2013. Turning to yoga, she underwent a transformation, prioritizing personal time, deep work, and mindful practices. Today, Vibhuti is calmer, with reduced anxiety and cortisol levels.

Shagun Khanna: Overwhelmed by the virtual world, Shagun Khanna experienced burnout, prompting a change. Prioritizing self-care, she embraces yoga, meditation, and cleaner eating for a routine that centers her. Seven months in the mountains brought peace of mind, aligning with her authentic self. Shagun suggests prioritizing well-being and resisting external pressures for those embarking on a slow life journey.

Vinita Chaitanya: Living in Coorg, Vinita Chaitanya embraces a slow life immersed in nature. Her mornings start with nature appreciation and chores, followed by creative endeavors. Finding joy in photography and sharing moments on social media, Vinita believes in making the most of one’s time by doing what they love.

Gunjan Jindal Poddar: Motherhood prompted Gunjan Jindal Poddar to reflect on her lifestyle, inspiring the creation of Amala Earth—a platform for conscious and sustainable living. Prioritizing natural, plant-based foods, yoga, and meditation, Gunjan practices a mindful allocation of time for self-care, family, work, and Kathak. Embracing a slow-paced life has heightened her appreciation for small joys and the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

These women share their unique journeys, advocating for intentional living, mindfulness, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment.

Repurposed article originally published in the Hello India magazine

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