Kim Janey- Boston’s first black and first female mayor

Kim Janey made history this month, by becoming the first black and first woman mayor of Boston.  Fifty-four white men have led Boston since it was incorporated as a city in 1822 and since then, the city had no female mayor. Julia Mejia, one of four Boston City Council members at large, sees Janey’s rise to a mayor as a form of ‘restorative justice. ’She said, “She is a black woman who knows how to speak Spanish. I call her my Dominican sister because she embraced the Latinx community as her own. She makes an effort to connect with her constituents in their native language and that says a lot about a person’s character.” Janey grew up in Boston’s Roxbury neighbourhood, known as the “heart of Black culture” for the area. She experienced racism during her elementary and middle school years. This racial divide motivated Janey to become a community activist. While Janey says she plans to continue the work on these issues, her current term as acting mayor lasts only until the next election in November.