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Know Yourself Better With The Magic Of Colours…

                          ‘Colours have life in it, as it has many words to convey’…

‘Colours’; without which the world perhaps would have been bland. The sights that the eyes capture would have remained monotonous and wearisome. The most elegant of things would have been devoid of their charm. Consequently, colours not only add beauty to each and every element in the world but also gives the feeling of being ‘alive’.

Such colours which are vivid and stimulating to eyes can do a great deal to human lives as well. Colours have words in it which could convey a lot about human behaviour and help find means for its betterment. Let’s go deeper into the heart of colours that can be inevitably paralleled with human mind & behaviour.

How do colours play a significant role in the human psyche?

*Colours as stress-busters

*Colours as socializers

*Colours as energizers

*Colours as psyche activators

For the ease of briefing let’s take the details of a few selected colours based on VIBGYOR, violet, indigo, blue, green,yellow, orange and red.

  1. Colours as stress-busters

Colours act as soothing yet powerful stimuli to the eyes as well as to the mental process. The colour ‘blue’ and ‘green’ acts its best in calming and bringing peace. A walk beside the water bodies, especially along the sea shore, keeping a glimpse of the sea, could take the mind to a peaceful platform. Likewise sauntering in greenery can also do a great deal in gaining a relaxed state of mind. The shades of nature ushers the tranquillity by reviving and refreshing the mind.

  1. Colours as socializers

Colours give its way as a good socialising accelerator ; The colour ‘yellow’ is said to be the colour which evokes friendliness & cheerfulness. Use of yellow can enhance communication of new ideas, creativity etc. Yellow is associated with confidence and optimism that facilitate the person to mingle and socialise at a more comfortable pace. Try adding yellow paints, decors etc if you look to increase these qualities. Using ‘blue’ and ‘green’ can enhance socialising as blue improves the ability to communicate better and green encourages interactive skills.

  1. Colours as energizers

The colours red and orange are considered as energising colours. Red is the colour of energy, excitement, enthusiasm, dynamicity, passion, vibrance etc. Red induces fast movement and quick action. Red brings the reflex of alertness and signals of determination. ‘Orange’ stimulates the mind as it signifies joy and revitalises the energy circle. It facilitates in embracing and exploring new things.  Red and orange can be added in-order to keep up the qualities associated with these colours. 

  1. Colours as psyche activators

Colours as indigo and violet/purple activates the psyche process or the higher mental functions. The colour ‘Indigo’ attributes a clear level of consciousness , increased concentration and insightfulness. It improves our inner vision and helps in a balanced mental state. It enhances deep thinking and attributes to fine perception. Adding indigo as a part of daily life can lift up the ability to comprehend and attain harmony between the inner and outer world.

Violet is said to be the colour of cosmic awareness, so is the case of related colours like purple. It is the universal source of life and zest. It helps in activating the psychic abilities when used during meditation. Thinking about violet while meditating can activate the crown chakra which gives a connection with supreme source and energy. It gives a feeling of security & a sense of being guarded. As a colour which has got the highest vibration in the colour spectrum, violet/purple connects to our higher consciousness and enlightenment. Violet also indicates the realm of unconditional love and selfless regard. So adding violet in daily life can activate mental and emotional unity.

At times the use of colours need to be lessened. For instance, if you find difficulty in controlling anger or having aggression, then reduce the use of red around you. Likewise, black is a symbol of power and it absorbs energy. Therefore it can absorb both positive and negative energy. Hence this has to be taken care of as black can absorb negative energy as well. White increases serenity and purity but an over use of white might bring about a bland or barren feel, so it’s recommended to use white by mixing it with other colours.

Among other common colours brown is a colour of wisdom and practicality ; pink also is considered as a symbol of unconditional love , warmth , sweetness, understanding and compassion. 

           Thus, colours knowingly or unknowingly, have an impact on everything we do. Colours bestow relief , relaxation, synergy and solace. Each colour has its own significance in evoking the physical as well as psychological attributes.  Conflate colours with your life for bringing up the qualities associated with the concerned colours. Colours are an aisle  through which we could travel and explore what it has to say about us. Like the picture depicts , open one’s eyes towards the colourful crossroads to unveil the sealed reality that could  give a clarity on what needs to be done in order to traverse through  a  serene & lucid avenue of life.

Dr. Arathy.K.Nair 

Consultant Counselling Psychologist, 

Colour & Art Therapy Practitioner

Columnist for SheSight magazine on ‘Mental Health & Well-Being’