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In a world where some people still believe that girls should be soft, delicate, and docile, Dr Komal Rao stands with utter confidence and is proud of who she has become; a strong woman with integrity and belief in herself.

Dr Komal Rao is the only female fighter who has defeated a male opponent in a Mixed Martial Arts cage fight. She is popularly known as the “Woman of Steel.” In addition to this, She is also a Sports Model, TEDx speaker, Pro Mixed Martial Arts Athlete, and the Administrative Director of an NGO UCCA.

Most importantly, Dr Komal has become a life-changing role model in the lives of numerous people with her ambitious personality and indomitable strength.

Dr. Komal Rao’s journey through the years.

Dr. Komal Rao has completed her graduation from the world-famous Harvard Business School. She also holds a certificate of Ph.D. in naturopathy. Not only this, but she has also done a complete course in Exercise Physiology from Stanford University.

She began her Jeet Kune Do training with Seema and Deepak Rao, the founders of JKD in India as well as her parents, and is a qualified Full Instructor under them. She was qualified as a Full Instructor by Richard Bustillo, a well-known original Bruce Lee disciple, making her one of just a few female instructors in the world. She has been a motivational speaker on the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee in many seminars and has now become a renowned speaker for JKD Philosophy.

In the realm of MMA, Dr. Komal Rao competed in Young Blood Night 9 and was scheduled to fight Elke Beinwachs in the 52 kg division on June 3, 2017. However, after Elke failed to appear for the bout, Komal decided to compete in the 60kg division against Nikes Agarwal of Guardian Gym Germany[14]. In the second round, she won by submission with a rear-naked choke.

Dr. Komal has been a senior Zen practitioner for 5 years, with over 200 hours of meditation at South Asian Soto Zen temples. She is also trained in the Japanese sword combat technique of Kenjutsu.

With her inspiring work and achievements, Dr. Komal has played a huge role in the cinema as well as in writing. She is now a published author of the book ‘Art of the Dragon for Women’s Safety,’ which features Jeet Kune Do. In addition to this, she also played the leading role in the movie “Hathapayi” with the screen name “Kayra.”

When one looks at the hard work of Dr. Komal Rao and her achievements over the years, one can conclude in full confidence that Dr. Komal is indeed an all-rounder who has worked in many different fields and aced in every one of them. Doing so, she has also set a new notion for women- girls do not have to be soft, delicate, and docile; they can be whoever they want to be.

Written By-

Karuna Arora
19 years old
Indirapuram, UP