Lockdown with a Reconnecting opportunity

A lockdown is when you are almost kept in cages, beheld from exploring the world outside however you are locked with people who are a part of you, so why not reunite and be together?

During a phase, when we are all quarrelling about the ridiculous feeling of being at home, let’s take a while to notice an extravagant boon this time has given us.

A ravishing opportunity to acquire back what we had squandered in this race of life. A chance to rejoice with the people we had unknowingly created distances with. A phase where you can obliviate all your worries and just blend in with those who matter the most. This is the right time to strengthen your relations, which have lost their tenderness in this world so busy and rough.

At this moment, you can cherish and observe how your lads are blossoming and can nurture their growth by getting involved in those innocent and funny games of theirs. Be a child again with your children who need some company to be silly and free.

Relish and comfort the teens whose childhood faded away with a snap while you were interested in other aspects of life. They just need an assurance of love, care and hope for things to get better. Be their friends, share your secrets and recite to them your funny memories later that it won’t be for long that their childish mysteries and secrets uncover, some of them you never knew.

Go and hold the warm hands of parents and mellow down with them without a care in the world. Return to them being the soul that they loved and that they miss.

Jump upon your sibling and trouble them, both of you had your ways and paths but this is the time to accept your differences collectively.

Remind your partner that you adore them and that your bond is eternal. Lend them a hand and be an ear for them and trust levels will go way higher.

And if it’s you alone at this time and you cannot go outside, go inside. Spend some moments of self-care with yourself. Explore your interests and work upon them like never before. You should be satisfied with yourself when all this is over.

Sing songs, dance like fire on the stage, play tirelessly, discuss your feelings, run around the house or reconstruct it with new memories and fun, watch movies in which you laugh out loud or cry out of joy but whatever you do, you do it together…

After all, this time won’t return, well it shouldn’t too but it will take along with it the stability and ease it possessed on life during these days and all that will be left, when everything is back to normal would be- regrets. That you didn’t have spent this time with your loved ones because you spent it dwelling upon the problems of this pandemic and awaiting when you will be out. It is a human’s nature to see that the grass is greener on the other side but for once this time let’s grow our grass- of closeness, of openness, of fondness within our lovely home among our family.

A family is like the branches of a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

Ms. Disha Nischal

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