Master Your Job Interview with Unspoken Tips

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Unveiling the hidden codes of successful interviews, here are 7 essential rules to up your game. After facing an interview, the post-interview uncertainty can leave you perplexed about your performance and the ensuing silence from hiring managers.

To demystify this process, we’ve gathered insights from career experts who reveal crucial unspoken interview rules. Though these rules are often kept under wraps, knowing them can significantly impact your chances of success.

Rule 1: Keep it concise. When asked about yourself, concisely narrate your career’s highlights, not its entirety. With limited interview time, prioritizing the “highlight reel” over exhaustive details is crucial.

Rule 2: Tailor your responses. Customize your answers according to the roles of your interviewers. Addressing their concerns specifically demonstrates keenness and adaptability.

Rule 3: Non-verbal matters. Your body language speaks volumes. Maintain active eye contact and facial cues to exhibit your engagement and interest.

Rule 4: Multiple success stories. Don’t rely on just one career story. Having a pool of three to four stories to rotate among interviewers shows versatility and avoids redundancy.

Rule 5: Follow-ups won’t expedite offers. While silence post-interview can be frustrating, persistent follow-ups rarely hasten a decision. A better strategy? Secure another offer to expedite the process.

Rule 6: Thank-you notes network. While thank-you notes can foster connections, they rarely sway decisions. They’re not a deciding factor in hiring.

Rule 7: Peer insights matter. Speak with current employees to truly understand company culture and management dynamics, as they reveal the everyday reality you’ll experience.

Re-reported from the article originally published in Huffpost

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