Meet 94 years old Harbhajan Kaur- The Leading Face of the Entrepreneurial World.


Harbhajan Kaur is a 94-year-old woman who started her entrepreneurial venture of selling her mouth-watering besan barfis about four years ago and hasn’t stopped radiating success ever since. She is today the owner of a renowned brand “Harbhajan’s”  which was started and run by her ambitious daughter, Raveena Suri. Harbhajan and Raveena look after their flourishing business together shoulder to shoulder. Harbhajan makes the heavenly barfis and Raveena sells them in the weekly organic market.

Story behind “Harbhajan’s”

Words of wisdom are not always the motivators behind some great ideas. Sometimes, it is a few heartbreaking words.

One fine day, Harbhajan and her daughter sat together to have a lively conversation of each other’s lives and Raveena candidly asked, “Do you have any regrets in life? Do you still wish to fulfil any of your desires? If you do, please tell me.

With heaviness in her heart, Harbhajan simply replied, “I have lived a long life but I have never earned a dime of my own.”

Listening to these heart wrenching words coming from her mother, Raveena couldn’t calm the storm of ideas taking place in her mind. She then came up with the idea of starting a business of selling her mother’s deliciously cooked barfis under the name of “Harbhajan’s” which goes with the tagline “Bachpan ki yaad aa jae.

First day in the market

Everyone has their first days, and the probability of returning home with success is very low. One might either gain lifelong fame or your business returns to ashes and dust.

The first day in the market was pretty simple for our leading entrepreneur. She went to the market with no high hopes of returning with a handful of money but the happiness of finally doing something for herself. She went to the market, artlessly sat there and interacted with the customers. But who knew she would come back home with a 2,000 rupee note in her hand and a vivacious smile on her face?

Looking at the bigger picture and enjoying her way through this journey, Harbhajan decided to keep on going, but this time with a variety of options for people to choose from. She soon started to make badam sharbat, bottle gourd ice cream, tomato chutney, dal pudding, pickles, etc. for her customers and in no time, people started coming in large numbers, business started booming, and happiness reached the top of the world.

The fame and the support

“Harbhajan’s” started to see new heights of fame and success when the Chairman of The Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra entitled Harbhajan to be the “Entrepreneur of the Year” on twitter.

This opened the doors to reach a larger section of people and word of “Harbhajan’s” started to spread among neighbours, acquaintances, and the district.

To this day, Anand Mahindra’s tweet about Harbhajan Kaur has received the love of 10.7K people in the form of likes and has been retweeted 1,978 times!

Childhood memories

Raveena recalls her memorable childhood days and tells us that they never used to go or have food from outside. Harbhajan took the delight of making everything and anything at home itself ranging from mouth-watering sweets, delicious squashes to flavorsome sharbats.

Harbhajan would work tirelessly to give a world of a time to everyone with her delicacies but always hesitated to take the credits and remained hidden behind the scenes.

Lastly, Harbhajan never believed she would one day get any formal recognition and would be running a renowned brand and win the hearts of hundreds of people with her flavorsome barfis. But here she is today giving an absolutely new shape to the entrepreneurial world and proving that it is never too late to start working for oneself.

Written By-

Ms. Karuna Arora
19 years old
Indirapuram, UP

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