Meet Kamya Buch : A Digital Nomad and Spiritualist


Kamya Buch AKA Wandering Kamya is a psychedelic educator, truth-seeker, and a travel blogger who has embraced a nomadic lifestyle over the years. She has travelled across the globe, met numerous people from several parts of the world which has helped her grow not only personally but spiritually too.

Kamya hit the road right after completing her master’s in economics from Warwick University as she “wanted something more than earning big bonuses in the City of London” and thus her journey began. Back in 2016, she took off to Cambodia and Vietnam for 2 months and since then she never really stopped travelling. The world is her home; she becomes one with its people and its diverse nature. Whether it’s the majestic Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh or the picturesque island of Ko Pha-Ngan in Thailand, she considers all these places to be her “spiritual home”. She also guides people in becoming digital Nomads, as well as uncovers her own experiences throughout this journey. The people who touched her life, the lessons she’d learnt and the places that encouraged her to dive deep into herself helped her in discovering her individuality. She believes we’re living in The Matrix and the practice of spirituality can be our only saviour.

Nowadays, people tend to run after materialism and as a result, they fail to find the true essence of life. Therefore, Kamya speaks about the importance of spiritual well-being and how it can help one find purpose in life. She has built an extremely powerful social media presence on Instagram, YouTube and through her personal blog Apart from that, she has a passion for promoting indigenous culture and tradition; thus she founded a non-profit organisation called Psychedelic Society India in 2019 intending to create a safe space for people to talk about psychedelic science, plant medicines and healing. Besides, she often speaks at several psychedelic summits to provide an insight into the world of sacred medicines, spirituality among other topics.

Above all, the whole journey of Kamya’s self-exploration made her achieve the true purpose of her life. As she stated in her blog, “My blog is about the multidimensional journey through life, uncovering the unknown and evolving into the best version that I could possibly be.” She refused to take the conventional path of working a 9 to 5 job and instead chose entrepreneurship which ultimately helped her achieve true happiness and gave her a platform to share awareness about certain things and help people grow spiritually as well as personally.

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