Meet the Sisters Whose Solution For Male Hygiene Won Rs 25 Lakh On Shark Tank India

For their brand, Nuutjob which sells male intimate hygiene products, Anushree and Ananya Maloo two cousin sisters from Ahmedabad won 25 lakhs in Shark Tank India

Two young women pitching for an idea of products selling male intimate hygiene products may sound odd. However, this bizarre situation has happened in Shark Tank India, the reality TV show that shows entrepreneurs making business presentations to a panel of investors, who decide whether to invest in their company. Two cousin sisters from Ahmedabad – Anushree and Ananya Maloo are the entrepreneurs who won 25 lakh rupees for their unusual idea.

The Maloo sisters are first cousins. They come from a close-knit joint family in Ahmedabad. While Anushree headed business operations for a modular kitchen company, Ananya worked as a marketing professional in the entertainment industry. According to them the idea to form Nuutjob, their range of products on male intimate hygiene came from watching men around them struggling to maintain good hygiene. They also add that male intimate hygiene is less talked about.

They did face a bit of difficulty as young women who were trying out something that could stir up some controversy. Their family were worried because they were of marriageable age and going forward with this idea could tamper with the quality of proposals they receive. But the sisters did not give up. The duo, who conceived their business idea during the lockdown in 2020, spent around one year doing extensive research and testing out the products, and finally brought their business online in July 2021. But according to them, Shark Tank changed their lives.

Currently, Nuutjob offers three products — an intimate wash, a deodoriser, and an intimate moisturiser. These products work towards anti-chafing, preventing irritation due to sweating, preventing bad odour and itching, and helping maintain a good pH balance. They want to move forward by educating people on the importance of male intimate hygiene, and also include some humour in the marketing of their products. 

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