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“My Weight Didn’t Stop Me From Becoming A Model” – Sakshi Sindwani Promoting Body Positivity Through Social Media 

Sakshi Sindwani

It may seem that social media influencers have become successful overnight in promoting brands and their products, like freelancer models. People often overlook the amount of hard work they put into their content to spread a ray of positivity amongst their audience. People have this perception that to become any model or influence one should have a perfect face and body. But NO —

Here we have one of the most famous Instagram influencers – SAKSHI SINDWANI from India who advocates for body positivity, self-love, and ending gender stereotypes. She is the perfect example of beauty with brains. She believes that to feel beautiful we don’t need to have that perfect slender body or a beautiful face – All we need is “Confidence”. 

Sakshi Sindwani has been changing the way the fashion industry and society view women with curves. Don’t hide the curves, flaunt them is the mantra followed by fashion blogger and body-positive influencer Sakshi Sindwani. She has been instrumental in presenting different perspectives on size. Sakshi’s journey started with YouTube when she noticed that there were little to no plus-size fashion styling videos for curvy women. She got trolled many times for her appearance but her spirits were always high and that is what has helped her to reach the height of success so early in her career. 

After completing her graduation in science, she realized that this was not what she wanted to pursue further as she always has a knack to do something different from the mainstream and that was the point she realized that she has a good sense of fashion and can try to do something in that field. 

After going through a lot of hardship and facing negativity, she at last succeeded in portraying where things are wrong with our society. She has earned a loyal following on Instagram (355K) and Youtube (87K) because of her cheery attitude and honest conversations about size and skin. The best thing about her is her authenticity. She carries her personality so gracefully that it attracts a lot of audience and followers to her. 

Sakshi’s fashionable content is a curveball for those who think that curvy women should cover up and avoid skin show. Several people suggested she lose weight to make her career in modelling but she wanted to prove that size is not a factor and that is why despite all the odds she continued to do her work the way she wants.

Most importantly, to all the young girls out there she wanted to convey the message that self-love is very important and one should do what he/she loves rather than listen to some unsolicited opinions – This message was wholeheartedly accepted by the audience. And that is why she is counted as one of the most famous influencers in our country. 

  • Noorain Sheikh