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Yuktha Asrani

Yuktha Asrani is a Romance Fiction Author who is passionate about reading, writing and making new friends. Books play an integral part in her life. With the three alluring sagas of the Malhotra series under her belt, which comprises three books, Handcuffed To Love, Beautiful Mess, and Beyond The Darkness, Yuktha has become one of the prolific authors of our country. 

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”–Dolly Parton

When I started my journey as a writer, little did I know I would complete a book, let alone an entire series. Over the past year, my ride as an indie author has been equal parts frustrating and rewarding. After navigating all the twists and turns, I now take pride in the trilogy I self-published under my name, Yuktha Asrani.

When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go. It was these words that kept me going. There were way too many times during the writing process when my emotions were baked, fried, wrung, and put out to dry. That did not deter me from working towards my goal. Stepping into unchartered territory can be quite overwhelming. However daunting a task may seem, with the right amount of dedication and hard work, we can move mountains. I took to social media to seek guidance and support from fellow authors and members of the writing community to help me pave the way through these hurdles.

My passion for reading started at a very young age. I have read many books across varied genres. With each new book I read, I learn and grow. I am like a wet sponge and I eagerly soak up new content. I am always on a quest to learn something new. It is this hunger to grasp new material that has helped me improve my command of English.

The events and characters in my books are purely fictitious and based out of my extremely imaginative mind. When it comes to writing I just follow my heart. Writing can be a very emotional journey. When I started off as a writer, I did not have any fixed structure. I just go with the flow and pen down my thoughts, true to my heart’s content.

Regardless of how a writer portrays a character, readers have a mind of their own. People have different tastes and preferences. Each one is entitled to one’s opinion. Some may like your content, some may not. We have to take it in our stride, learn, try to improve our craft and move along.

Last but definitely not the least, once the reader closes the last page of a book with a happy sigh, that means it’s a job well done, for a writer. As writers, we need to be mindful of our readers and value the time they are dedicating to reading our books. There is no greater joy for a writer than when one receives positive feedback from their readers.

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