Enter 40 

Enter a new dimension of life as a woman.

After completing almost half of one’s life as per the societal demands, the pertinent question is, what to do with the remaining! Technically, in our society, By the time you’re 40 you cease to be “young” anymore. You are dragged into that segment of people who should start planning their retirement, children’s marriage and probably, enter into spirituality. And that’s precisely what I’m also going to do, now that I’m 40.  These three aspects of my life is what I am jotting down below.

1.How I want to retire:

Yes, it’s time for me to do some retirement planning. As per regular norms, I only have another 15 years or 20 years for retirement from my job/career. But today, at the age of 40, and on my birthday, I have decided that my retirement age would be the day of my death.

And hey, I have a different definition for retirement. Retirement is not retiring from your job, and then leading a “relaxed” way of life, looking after your grandchildren, or a grand mansion. For me, neither of these matters. Yet, I will be retiring. I will be retiring from the societal expectations of how an old woman should be living. After 60 I may even plan to do all things that have been pending and I may become even crazier. I will continue launching new businesses or work on causes that matter to me and the world.

I don’t want to be known for one thing. I would rather be known for many things that I value in my life. So, at 40, my retirement planning is this. I want to be that woman who gets to decide and invest in ideas and missions that are needed for the world and what brings happiness. I shall not engage in activities, just for the sake of money, but always align my values to the time and effort that I put in.

In simple words, my retirement planning is that I shall not retire my life mission and soul’s purpose.

2.How I have planned my children’s marriage : 

Now, regarding the second piece of advice:  saving for my children’s marriage.  Well, I don’t have much to talk about this, because I have stopped believing in the concept of “marriage” in the traditional norms and my children are not growing up, just for getting married to someone. They would rather evolve as a human being who contributes to making the planet better.

So, I wouldn’t be investing, or rather, spending money on my children’s marriage whatsoever. If they find a partner, they’re free to live together or get married spending their own money.

Unlike what my parents did, instead, I would rather spend all my money, and wouldn’t even mind taking loans for providing higher education for them, or to provide them, exploration opportunities and all kinds of life experiences. I would want them to travel across the globe and solve problems that matter to humanity. Their marriage is not my responsibility. They are free to decide their lives in their ways. And my life’s purpose is not “seeing” my grandchildren before I die. So, I won’t ask my kids for reproducing as a norm and neither I will be available for baby-sitting them. 

3. How I am entering the spiritual path

For the past two years, my stint with meditation has helped me evolve into a human being on a path of spirituality. I am yet to understand the possibilities of the etheric world or the next dimension of my life. When my soul would be working towards the fulfilment of its purpose, my activities or karma, are just a tool towards the attainment of this spiritual journey. My spiritual exploration shall continue towards learning more about the Indian scriptures, which unfortunately were never taught in my school or my college. I will be dedicating the next 10 years of my life to see how these Vedic philosophies and ancient Indian spirituality models mould a person in obtaining their fullness. I’m open to learn and engage in discussions, various spiritual paths and my soul’s journey would be then derived in due course. I believe in Hinduism which embodies “Aham Brahmasmi” and “Thatwamasi”: the concept of the Universe and  God within oneself.

 My search for divine experiences will be happening by engagement with people, situations and spaces where divine enjoyment can happen. You may see me singing bhajans near a guru or may also be seen in a DJ party dancing with random men and women. I see all these expressions as part of this spiritual journey. I seek only spiritual partnerships in my life ahead because I do not have time more for tears or wasting my days over past mistakes. I have completed the entire stock of tears for this lifetime in the past two decades and that’s quite enough I guess! So, you will see me only in a state of exuberance in whatever I am into. 

It is said that a woman when she enters 40 stops caring about what others or society thinks of her. Yes, it is true, I believe. It took almost 40 years of learning, unlearning, societal conditioning, breaking the rules, breaking stereotypes, and finally reaching a phase of your life when you feel liberated of all judgements and expectations. But this liberation has to be channelized towards the greater good of the planet and the universe. And that’s why I said, I shall not retire in my life. My pursuit of happiness is this learning and getting to know what I want to do and how I can impact people across the globe. 

Fulfilling one’s life purpose or reaching true potential is the toughest journey that a human being can undertake. Infact, every other animal completes the full potential of its life; it’s only the human being who gets afraid and keeps doing rudimentary stuff, not even realizing what
we, as a species can do. So, my quest for the ultimate truth will continue in the coming decades and my life shall become my legacy. 

Thank you all for sharing your life’s bits and moments in some way with me. I also thank you for all the happy moments and all the unpleasant moments or sufferings that might have happened between us. I believe it is these sufferings that helped us evolve into new human beings and realise a new dimension of our souls. I love you all. 

And here I am: being reborn into a new dimension of my life and soul. Wish me happy birthday! 



Written By-

Dr. Chandra Vadhana
Serial Entrepreneur | Voice Artist | Academician | Author |Feminist
Founder and Chief Mentor
Prayaana Labs
Email: connectceevee@gmail.com