Niyati Joshi: A Bride in Gray Hair

We must have seen brides’ pictures where we see them as well dressed in their marriage attire and beautifully confident to a greater level.  But have you ever seen a bride,  well dressed, all makeup set but with gray hair?  We usually don’t see this and even if we see, people start stereotyping about why she has gray color. She is the daughter of Indian film actor Dilip Joshi.

Those people who are having gray hair are considered to be old and indeed it is a sign of being elder. Recently, the actress of a famous reality serial, Niyati Joshi got married and everyone was very surprised after seeing her marriage pictures. Why? Because she didn’t color her gray hair. Her marriage was special because of this.

She was very confident, flaunting her gray hair. This incident gives us a very important lesson.  We all have some flaws, actually, we tend to believe that they are faults present in us. The reality is nobody is perfect. We all should accept ourselves and should not seek acceptance from society. If we keep looking for acceptance, it will lower our confidence and we might face mental stress due to this. In the same way, we should not make any assumptions about anyone and also should not stereotype them due to their looks, color, gender, and many more things. It starts with us. Let’s set an example for all.

Niyati Joshi is the daughter of Dilip Joshi.She has broken down the stereotypes and indeed is a bride of the 21st century. A marriage is a very big day for any bride and they want to look best and perfect. Instead of focusing on the perfect side of the bride, Niyati Joshi has set an inspiring example for all of us. We need not look for validation from anyone. We should be confident in the way we are. Love and accept ourselves as we all are unique.

Written By-

Pranali Mahindrakar, Student of BSc. CS, Pune.



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