Oyo Announces Partnership With Adventure Women To Encourage Solo Women Travellers


Hospitality technology platform OYO on Thursday announced a long-term strategic partnership with travel group Adventure Women India that encourages women to be active and adventurous. 

“As part of the engagement, members of the group will be offered multiple benefits along with the convenience to choose from the network of safe, clean and affordable accommodations,” OYO stated.

Adventure Women India empanels travel industry players like tour operators and hotels and offer its members the ability to choose their travel providers from a variety of reliable and secure vendors.

“The partnership with OYO will help them identify and book hotels that best suit their preferences in terms of budget and location,” OYO said.

Adventure Women India has a collective positive strength of 1.5 lakh women members, primarily in the age group of 25 and 45 years. Their volunteers support members through a network of 21 local city chapters across India and 2 international chapters in Mauritius and Bhutan.

“Women travelling solo has been a trend across the world for years and we want to support this by doing our bit as more and more women in India choose to travel solo. We are excited to partner with Adventure Women India and support them in their inspiring mission,” OYO Chief Growth Officer Kavikrut said.

Adventure Women India co-founder Minal Mathur said, “Our community provides a secure ecosystem of peers, influencers and experts for its members to engage freely, allowing them to interact without fear of being judged. We are excited at this new beginning with OYO, which will go a long way towards meeting the diverse requirements of our members”.

As per OYO Travelopedia Report 2022, most consumers have shared intent to head out on a solo trip this year as part of their 2022 bucket list.

The concept of women travelling alone has picked up momentum in the last decade. According to a report by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, more than half of all single-member overnight domestic trips made in India between 2014 and 2015 were by female travellers, OYO said.

OYO’s booking data also shows a similar trend before the pandemic-induced curbs impacted the hospitality industry. Bookings made by women registered a 63 per cent jump in 2019 as compared to 2018, it added.

Credits: PTI