Paint it green- Let’s support Planet and style together

We love our planet, but we also enjoy fashion. It’s time to inculcate environment-friendly new trends while still allowing us to enjoy the thrill of clothing. Adding some essentials to your wardrobe smoothens style, this time let’s paint our wardrobe green to support our planet.

The cyclical nature of trends, as well as the deteriorating state of our planet, has compelled fashion firms and labels to make significant efforts towards an eco-friendly future. We, as consumers, bear a great deal of responsibility in supporting those who give us life and style. Fashion brands are gaining momentum with consumers becoming more eco-conscious. So, listed here are some measures we can take for collective benefit.

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Buy less, but better: Reassess your wardrobe preferences and make essential purchases. Go for high-end purchases when looking for something you need to overuse because these products are designed and engineered for longevity.

Organic approach: An easy way of moving towards sustainability is to look for more organic products. There’s a difference between natural and organic. Ensure that your purchase is created from organic components. This benefits both the environment and your skin.

Thrift-Buying: Secondhand not only gives the clothes or any product a second chance but you with some vintage pieces. It has started to become cool, now that the majority of concerns are considered. The antique market, thrift shops, fairs, consignment shops, garage sales, and auctions are the places that will help your wallet and planet altogether.

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Rise of Rental: With the increased demand for conscious living, rental shops, and sites are coming to light. These sites offer clothing pieces to rent for some days at a much lower price than the outfit. It’s a simple and pocket-friendly process.

Upcycle: Of course, we know about recycling, but upcycling is a great way of managing old clothing items and giving them a new style. This method reduces environmental impact by 30 percent. Many brands and fashion labels have started using this method to contribute towards a greener future and maintain the old charm of loved pieces.

The pandemic not only affected businesses but also altered our way of living. Let us become more careful of our purchasing habits and cultivate a more eco-conscious mindset because helping our world is helping ourselves.

Devanshi Doshi is a fashion designer/illustrator and a fashion writer. She also helps brands create a brand identity.