Prayojikas Of Pracol – How Bindu Sheryl started with family business of Homemade foods to empower local women

Bindu Shery George, one of the prayojikas of Pracol owns a business in the food industry. Her company, Binsher-iCook, sells homemade foods all over India. There were several options for her when she decided to start her own business. However, she decided to embark into the Food Industry by seeing the future of Homemade foods. 

Pracol, being a women empowerment driven e-commerce platform gave Bindu’s dreams the wings to fly. Because of Pracol, more people are getting to know Binsher-iCook and their traditionally prepared homemade food. Apart from this, Bindu and her company both play an active role in empowering local women by providing them with part-time jobs and internships. She along with her family has been an inspiration to many housewives nearby. 

Bindu Shery George – Binsher-iCook(OPC) Private Limited & Binsher-iCook, 9A, P1, Silver Lawns, edapally Post, Kochi-682024

  • Mohor Bhattacharjee 



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